How and why

We take pride in our sustainable value-chain, open for anyone to see

How we produce

We extrude seaweed and other honest ingredients in our own production on the island of Kvarøy.

Our products are baked, not fried and we do the whole process locally.

Indre Kvarøy, the island where we produce is important to us

Indre Kvarøy

Kvarøy has never been a big place, but Kvarøy has always been significant. In the early 1900’s the islands’ strategic location on the Norwegian coastal shipping lane, made it a center for maritime freight, trade and fisheries.
All the way up to post war time, Kvarøy was marked on the map as a harbour to be reckoned with.

During this time the local man of the hour was Jens Johansen. Mr. Johansen was a philanthropist who created livelihood and value amid a time when the world was undergoing rapid development. He saw opportunities rather than obstacles and over time created his and Kvarøy's fortune.

Remains significant

It is a privilege for us to be able to say that Kvarøy remains significant despite its remote location and the small number of square kilometers.

What makes Kvarøy so attractive to us are the pristine waters, strong human capital and the community of thriving businesses.

This small but significant island is home to many successful businesses. Some of them include; a stair factory, one of Norway's most sustainable salmon producers, a seed sprout producer and traditional fisheries for cod and crab. We can now proudly add a kelp producer to that list.

With all of this combined, in an environment perfect for seaweed production, we are confident that also Sjy can become significant.

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