we take pride in our

Seaweed from Norway

Water farming of seaweed and conservation of wild seaweed stocks provides ecosystem services and is thought to contribute significantly to ocean biodiversity.


Sjy's production is based exclusively on high quality Norwegian seaweed. 
We source seaweed from arctic water farms.

We are super happy to say that the Norwegian cultivation technology does not affect the wild stocks of seaweed. These remain untouched.


Sjy's long term strategy is to produce our own seaweed and contribute even further in developing farmed seaweed as a new blue adventure for Norway!

We hope that in a couple of years’ time we will be harvesting seaweed from our own cultivation site in addition to buying from other producers.

The lowest greenhouse gas emissions come from farmed seaweed and bivalves.

It is estimated that wild seaweed traps three times as much CO2 as the Amazonian rainforest. Our production does not affect the Norwegian rainforest.

Most of the worlds oxygen (about 70%) comes from seaweed and other micro algea. The ocean breathes.

Water farmed seaweed leaves wild stocks of seaweed untouched.

Conservation of wild seaweed stocks contributes to climate change mitigation.