How we began and how we continue

Sjy seaweed

Major milestones so far

What we have achieved since 2018

August 2018
Company founded by Leonore. Membership in Norwegian Seaweed Association. Secured start-up funding from Kystinkubatoren og Lurøy Kommune.
Q4 | 2018
A due diligence on Norwegian seaweed industry pointed out an amazing new seafood source with significant lack of focus on product development and branding.

We saw this as our opportunity!
Q2 | 2019
Leonore quits a very nice job in RnD and goes all in for Sjy.
Q3 | 2019
Securing funding from co-founders and Innovation Norway and securing production facility.
Q4 | 2019
Upgrade of production facility alongside our founder Kvarøy Arctic, installing new power supply, production approval from Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Landed product type, branding of Sjy and purchasing production line for ensuring scalability
Q1 | 2020
Launch of social channels, installing production line, securing project and cooperation with NOFIMA for professionalization of product development.

Landed deal with seaweed producer, Lofoten Blue Harvest.
Q2 | 2020
Intro of world wide pandemic and slowing down installing of machines.

Development of Sjy snack recipe and realization of two skews of Vegan Sea Snack.
Q3 - Q4 | 2020
Confirmed market fit for products in Norway via B2C.

Securing second round of pre-seed funding from co-founders and Innovation Norway.
Q1 | 2021
Launch of online store and B2C sales.
Q2-Q3 | 2021
Upgraded production line for smarter coating of oil and spice, MAP packing and securing of longer shelf life for existing and future products.

Started distribution of product samples in the US together with our partner Kvarøy Arctic.
Q4 | 2021
Closer collaboration with Innovation Norway by securing two more grants.

Realizing a remote-team in the US with a CFO, CBO, CMO and a SVP.
Rigging of financials for scaling export of products and introducing a Norwegian seaweed revolution!
We have achieved significant progress with a very limited team on a small budget. Imagine what we can do when we extend the Sjy team and fund our future!

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