The purpose of SJY


Our main motivation at SJY, is to contribute significantly towards a sustainable future through vegan seafood. In the face of climate change we acknowledge the need for change in the way that the world produces and consumes food.


Seaweed that grows on the coast of Norway is one of the world’s most sustainable sources of food. We want this nutritional superfood to be a convenient alternative, so that more people can make better choices for themselves and for the future.

local value

We have deep respect for the area that enables our seaweed production.

Kvarøy is an island situated at 66°N 12°E, on the arctic circle of Northern Norway. The micro-community of Kvarøy is thriving and 75 people live slow and privileged lives on one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines; Helgeland.

Alongside sustainability, we are motivated to create jobs for the local community. We want to make sure that value created from our enterprise is made available for the splendid humans of Northern Norway. Creating new, secure and sustainable jobs for a micro-community like Kvarøy, is one of our biggest key performance indicators.